Smt. Veeramma Gangasiri College for Women, Kalaburagi

Established in 1965
A Grade accredited by NAAC


B.Sc. Course

 Science & Home Science Course.

A)   B.Sc. First  Semester :

  1. A candidate who has passed two – year Pre-university, board, examination of the Karnataka state with science subjects or any other examination recognized as equivalent shall be eligible for admission to the first semester of the B.Sc. Degree course.
  2. A candidate from other Universities seeking admission to second or third year of B.Sc.  Degree  course of  K.S.W.U. Bijapur , 
  3. Students seeking admission to first year B.Sc. should note that the class of passing will be awarded, on the basis of marks secured in all three years, taken together.

B.Sc. 1st Semester
Subject-wise combination for the year 2013-2014

Part –I Languages Any one Part – II Optional Subjects Any one combination Part – III Compulsory papers for 4 semesters
English / Kannada Chemistry, Botany, Zoology Indian Constitution
English /Addl. English Physics, Chemistry, Maths Human Rights
English  / Hindi Microbiology, Chemistry, Zoology Environmental Studies
English / Urdu Microbiology, Chemistry, Botany Personality Development
  Physics, Mathematics, Electronics Comminication Skills
  Physics, Mathematics, Computer Sc. Communicative English.
  Biotechnology, Chemistry, Zoology  
  Biotechnology, Chemistry, Botany  
  CND , Chemistry, Zoology  
  Computer Sc., Chemistry, Zoology  
  Home Science, Botany, Zoology  


  1. The student who offer one of the above combination of subjects from Part I & II, are not permitted to change them subsequently.
  2. The students can offer any one combination of subjects form Part-I of equal importance.
  3. The minimum number of students in each combination of subjects of Part II, shall be 15 and above. If at any state, the said number of subjects are not found in any of the combination of subjects, they shall have to offer the next available combination of subjects.
  4. Students seeking admission to Third/Final year B.Sc. have to offer only three optional subjects, studied in B.Sc. first and second year, Each subject consists of two papers of 100 marks.



            Attendance is compulsory for all  lectures, tutorials, test, Examinations(Both theory &  practical) and practical, Those of the  students failing to keep 80 % of attendance , shall be liable for cancellation of their admission.


            The college emphasizes on discipline, discipline is not defeatism, but it is self dedication, adaptability, willing submission to the code of conduct promoting social harmony to a peaceful teaching-learning process.  Hence, the students shall abide by all the rules and regulations of the college that have been in force or may be made here after by the college authorities in the interest of general discipline. The students shall refrain themselves from indulging in any act which brings discredit to the college. Acts of Misbehaviors and in-disciplinary act, the students are punishable by expulsion or rustication from the college. The parents are required to meet the Principal whenever they received communication from the college pertaining to their wards, towards their studies, behaviours etc.


Dress Code:

            Education is a social process. The institution not only have the social responsibility of application of dress code for the students as the best practice, but, also has equal social responsibility of discrimination in the system to eradicate, in equalities among the poor and the rich class ethics, and to concentrate on developing competent, it intelligent and skillful students.  Students of BA and B.Sc. course have one dress code, to be worn on all days, on Thursday, the students are allowed to wear coloured variety of dress.The BBM students have to wear blazers every day.