Smt. Veeramma Gangasiri College for Women, Kalaburagi

Established in 1965
A Grade accredited by NAAC


B.A. Course

B.A. Ist  Semester
Subject wise  combination  for the year  2015-16

Part –I Languages Any one

Part – II Optional Subjects Any one combination

Part – III Compulsory papers for 4 semesters

English / Kannada

Pol. Science, Economics, Sociology

Indian Constitution

English /Addl. English

Pol. Science,  Economics, History

Human Rights

English  / Hindi

Pol. Science,  Education, History

Environmental Studies

English / Urdu

History, Eduation, Kannada/English , Hindi/ Urdu

Personality Development


Socieolgy, psychology, kannada/Englsih./Hindi/ Urdu

Comminication Skills


History, H.Music, kannada/English/ Hindi /Urdu

Communicative English.


Homo- Science, Socieology, Kannada/ English, Hindi/ Urdu




  1. The student who offers one of the above combinations of subjects from Part-I & part – II, are not permitted to changes them subsequently.
  2. The students can offer any one combination of subjects from Part-II of equal importance.
  3. The minimum  number of  students in each combination  of subjects of Part – II  shall be 15 and above ,  If  at any  of the combination  of subjects, they shall have to offer  the next available  combination subjects.
  4. Students seeking admission to third/Final year B.A., have to offer only three optional subjects.  Studied in BA first & second year. Each subject consists of two papers of 100 marks.